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How Big Does My Chicken House Need To Be?

In the same way that we require adequate space in our own homes, it is important that your chickens have enough room in their house. Purchasing the correct sized chicken house can be a difficult task which is why we here at Cotswold Chickens are on hand to ensure that you buy the right house to suit the number of chickens you own. We have a large number of chicken houses available from the traditional to the modern, inventive designs.

With a variety of sizes, we have chicken houses that are suitable for the precise number of chickens you have. We make sure that we specify how many chickens each individual chicken house can hold so that you can then make your purchase accordingly.

There needs to be enough space within each house for your chickens to nest and move around at ease along with an adequate ventilation system and a big enough area for them to comfortably get in and out. We stock both the traditional wooden chicken houses which can hold up to 8 hens alongside the smaller, modern design of chicken house which is suitable for up to four hens.

As a guide to purchasing a chicken housing, you can estimate that a hen will take up a hand spans width on its perch at night which you can then use to work out the correct sized house in relation to the number of chickens you own.

All chicken houses from our selection at Cotswold Chickens are designed to provide a comfortable living space for your chickens at the same time as being easy to clean and maintain through features such as pull out dropping trays, hose down surfaces and innovative egg ports which give you direct access to the nesting boxes.

When considering the purchase of chicken houses the most important factor when deciding upon how big it needs to be, is relating it to how many chickens you own. Buying a chicken house from us at Cotswold Chickens will make sure that your chickens are always happy and have a comfortable area to live in.

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