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How Big Should Chicken Houses With Runs Be?

Chickens are fantastic pets, so it’s unsurprising that more and more homeowners are embracing the new and very rewarding hobby of keeping chickens as pets. Yet, as with other pets that you may have, there are a few essentials that you need to purchase before bringing your new feathered friends home for the first time, and a place to live is one of them. Chicken houses come in a variety of different styles, colours and sizes – but if you’re struggling to decide which size you need, we here at Cotswold Chickens are able to help.

While they may be covered with warm feathers, chickens need a home to live in; not simply to shelter them from the elements but to also keep them protected from any predators lurking the gardens at night looking for a quick meal. As such, it’s important that you get a sturdy chicken house equipped with a run, but how big should you go?

The Size of the Run

Typically speaking, you should provide one square metre of run for each chicken you have. It’s essential that your chickens have a lot of room outside of their home, as if they are cramped with little room to run around in they will begin to bully each other, especially the smaller birds of the group.

Aside from having enough personal space, the run gives your chickens a chance to get a little exercise which is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

The Size of the House

Now, while it’s important that you have a run with a minimum of one square metre per chicken, in the house it’s a slightly different story. You’ll find that once your chickens settle down for the night, they will huddle together in a group to keep warm and therefore they only require one hand span in the coop.

However, if you know how many chickens you’re intending to bring home, then the vast range of chicken houses we supply at Cotswold Chickens have a handy guide of how many chickens the coop is suitable for. Accompany this with our expertise, and you will have more than enough help to pick the perfect house for your garden design Ascot and your chickens.

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